Legacy of Hate

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hateNow that Mr. Phelps has passed onto the other side I wonder one thing.

Is he disappointed to find out that God doesn’t hate fags??

This is a serious question because it gets to the true heart of Phelps and his teaching. I’ve heard members of Phelps’ church say that their particular form of hate speech is actually loving because they are telling people the truth. Interesting because to the rest of us it just comes across as hate speech. Signs that say, ‘God hates fags’ are pretty easy to interpret.

But lets give them the benefit of the doubt just one more time and pretend that they really are being loving by telling the ‘truth’. What happens if in the end, standing before God they discover that they were wrong? What if God doesn’t hate fags – or anyone at all? In that moment how would they feel? It would be perfectly understandable for Mr. Phelps to be upset with himself for being so wrong and for so wrongly representing his God. However, if Fred is more than just upset with himself, if he is upset with God for not hating homosexuals –then we have a problem.


That would tell us that this anti-gay speech isn’t about God or God’s opinions but rather about the hatred of Mr. Phelps. If Fred really didn’t hate homosexuals then found out they aren’t going to be damned to hell but rather will be welcomed into heaven and likely placed in charge of all decorating and party planning, he should be thrilled! What a great thing to be wrong about! But if that news makes Fred upset if he is angered that God doesn’t hate them the way he has been claiming he hates them then all this anti-gay speech isn’t about God and has never been about God’s hatred of homosexuals. It is what it has always been about: Mr. Phelps’ hatred of homosexuals.

I guess we won’t know for sure about all this until we pass on from this life. But what the fundy should seriously question is if ‘God hates fags’ really represent the feelings of God? Or is it simply justifying one’s own hatred by claiming it is the feelings of God?

Fear Faith Facts

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To hear it from a believer the order of things is this way: facts come first, faith is founded on those facts, and fear is only an afterthought. I know that’s the way I saw things when I was a believer. I had the truth of ‘God’s Word’ and my faith was rooted deeply in it. In response to the accusation, “You only believe because you are afraid of disbelief and the consequences of it,” I would have said, “Not at all! I believe because it’s the truth!”

We could argue all day about which ‘facts’ are facts and which ‘facts’ are fiction, but that’s not what this little article is about. This article is about the order of things. I propose to you that an honest evaluation would reveal the order is really this way: Fear, then faith, and finally the facts.


This is a huge problem. What good are facts if they run contrary to faith? Is faith so ignorant that facts don’t matter? And if the fact of the matter is contrary to your faith, would you still be compelled by your fears to ignore those facts? Try saying that five times real fast…

If faith is founded on facts then it’s not so much a matter of faith, but in accepting what is true. However if faith is rooted in the fear of the consequences of not believing and facts are irrelevant, then it’s not even a matter of faith, it is purely about fear. If something you believed was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be untrue would you, could you dismiss your faith and overcome the fear that goes along with doing so? This is one of the major shortcomings of fundamentalism…the inability to accept the facts when they run contrary to the faith. The hardcore fundy would simply say, “There is no contradiction between our faith and the facts!” Which is the kind of response that makes me do a face palm… If you can not bring yourself to admit to even the slightest possibility that somewhere, in some small area, some little insignificant part of your faith there might be something that is not 100% accurate then you are not living by faith or fact but only by fear: The fear of being wrong.

The fact of the matter is, rarely is anyone 100% factual. Accepting this, accepting the very real possibility that your fact-based faith might have a few discrepancies is a first small step to breaking free from fundamentalism. Realizing and admitting to yourself your order of fear, faith, and lastly fact, and making a conscience decision to switch that around and place facts first, faith in those facts second, and the fear of not believing fallacies dead-last is a very big step.

Scott Livengood,
GHF Staff Writer

Yeah MO!

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“A federal judge has upheld a Missouri law requiring protesters to stay at least a football-field length away from funeral sites, beginning an hour before they start until an hour after the services end.”

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Don’t seek the truth

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“Don’t seek the Truth. It’s confusing!” – Jesus


Hello Everyone!

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